When Darla Hit

A novel by R. Grace Comyns

darlacoverWhen Darla Hit is set throughout North America, during the last four decades of the twentieth century and into the new millennium. This innovative novel chronicles the life of Rose Leander, a gutsy New England woman who survives a troubled childhood, bouts of depression, and periods of poverty.

At age thirteen, she leaves home to join the Catholic Church and enters a parochial high school, hoping to become a nun. When she graduates, disillusioned by the teachings of the church and fearful of the fate of marrying some local dullard, she moves to Connecticut and marries one there. After that marriage fails, she becomes an accomplished businesswoman in the male-dominated world of bridge construction, determined to find happiness through success.

With a keen sense of humor and a fearless heart, she raises her two spirited children as she struggles through several abusive marriages. Her psychic abilities are downplayed, as are the religious and historical details of the book, making this novel both mysterious and profound. The second chapter of When Darla Hit rings with authenticity as the author describes her over-sized, somewhat dysfunctional family, ultimately memorializing her beloved mother. In the second half of the book, Rose travels to the gulf coast of Florida to settle her late brother’s estate.

When Hurricane Darla strikes the area, our protagonist is seriously injured. Her brother’s attorney, Ben Carmichael, gains her trust and becomes her hero as he nurses, protects, and cares for her, both before and after their rescue. During this frightening ordeal, the two fall deeply in love and eventually settle into a carefree lifestyle in Vermont. They watch the seasons unfold as they search the countryside for the perfect place to live. Their happiness is interrupted when Ben is compelled to travel to New York City for a meeting with his trust attorney. The meeting is scheduled on the morning of September 11th, 2001, at the World Trade Center.

Of course that’s not the end of the story. You’ll want to read the book to learn the fate of our characters. You won’t be bored or disappointed.

Prepare for a captivating ending!

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“When Darla Hit demonstrates that a hurricane of change is possible and meaning can be found in the eye of the madness.”

Venus Rising Magazine

“Comyns’ style of writing is clear, entertaining and heart felt. The protagonist’s willpower to make hard times easier is an inspiration to all, male or female, from Alaska to Vermont.”

Healthy Hippie Magazine

“This spellbinding chronicle is original, controversial, and heartwarming. Anyone who has experienced abuse of any kind will gain inspiration and strength from this book.”

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